Welcome to the Music with Electronics Library

What Is This All About? Getting the music out!


The site offers a convenient, free* library website for musicians, especially percussionists to discover new and exciting music with electronic accompaniment. By creating a crowd-sourced library for others to peruse makes the discovery of  this idiom much easier for interested peeps, and convenient by listing as many compositions as possible in one space but also quickly guiding you to the media, and ultimately the composer or the publisher, whomever controls the copyright.

But that’s just the beginning.

It’s also about providing ALL, or at least much of the information involved with a single composition. I grew weary searching for this music back in 2001. Not much was on YouTube and it was tedious to find. Still is, in a way. On various publisher websites one could typically find ambiguous descriptions such as “Percussion & Electronics.” What does that even mean?😩😃 The goal of this site is to expedite that process for the community.

So here, in the library you will find descriptive details on what is involved with the electronic technology, but also a full instrumentation list and links to immediately listen or contact the composer or publisher. This library is not to exclude anyone, but it is definitely to include everyone: all genders, all nationalities, and everything else.


Join the Mission!

By connecting musicians, percussionists, composers, and publishers, this content-based website aims to facilitate and increase the public performance of classical solos utilizing electronics. A complete collection of details for each solo has been compiled for your convenience to access links to recordings, videos as well as the composers and publishers By joining the community you will have access to hundreds of percussion solos and can peruse, search, and sort extensive data about gear requirements, specific instrumentation, duration and much more. Speed up the process for curating your next performance, then engage directly with the composer!