Help the Community Build a Larger Collection

Thanks for visiting the site; a site devoted to increasing the exposure of percussion solo repertoire with electronics by creating a collective between performers, composers and the publishers.

Until now, it has been rather difficult to find percussion music with electronics in “one easy place.” We typically become acquainted through such music from experiences, friends, recommendations or serendipitously via publisher websites. Youtube reveals a similar scenario also with limited information about such pieces and ultimately establishing a rather laborious process for seeking out this music regardless of methods.

This website is comprised of a large database, a compilation of percussion solos with electronics which will continue to expand with input from the community. Currently, there are numerous compositions with complete details related to the composition and practical for performance curation. The important details include the electronic gear required to perform whether fixed media, multi- channel involving a computer, or electronic percussion, but crucial details like percussion instrument details, duration, but most importantly a link connecting you to the publisher or the composer. Advance tools allow for re-organizing and filtering searches in the database from an Electronics perspective, an instrument and much more.

Want to check out the database? Get an account and start perusing the library to curate that concert!

Happy Searching!

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