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Mike Crain is an educator, composer and percussionist based in Northern California. His compositions have been performed in New York, at the Festival of New American Music, and the “Day of Percussion” at CSU Sacramento and Southern Oregon University, Ashland. Mike has performed in New York, Oregon, Southern California, and in the greater Bay Area at the Otherminds Festival (VI and VII), the Festival of New American Music, the Viola mcVidCaptureFestival, the John Cage MusiCircus at Fort Mason San Francisco, the Mondavi Performing Arts Center, the San Francisco Asian Art Museum, and Carnegie Hall.

Mike has studied, performed and composed a wide variety of music styles such as jazz, classical and rock—and focuses on a broad range of ethnic percussion from around the world. His ethnic specializations include tabla (North Indian drums), mbira (Zimbabwe), and Balinese Gamelan. During the summer of 2001, Mike studied in Bali under the direction of the gamelan master Dewa Putu Berata. Mike also enjoys long bike rides and touring, eating real food, and mindfulness for healthy living.