Instruments + Electronics Submissions

Call for Instrument Scores with Electronics (non-Percussion)

ATTENTION ALL: Flutists, Clarinetists, Pianists, Violinists, Saxophonists, etc!

A resource guide of instrument (non-percussion solos with electronics is being compiled for the community – performers, composers, and publishers. Information regarding these compositions is placed within Electronic Types related to the use of electronic playback during performance. This resource guide will prove useful to performers, composers, musicologists and others regarding the use of electronics with instrumental solos. By searching through the database, the performer can find a piece suitable for their personal technological experience level and gain direct contact to the composer or publisher.

This extensive research project has already accumulated lots of interest and many compositions from around the world through other organizations and friends of the internet community. If you are interested in submitting a composition to be included in this resource guide, complete the form below.

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